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  • LED screen from Showho Technology deduct stereo audio-visaul feast in the show of Jay Zhou World’s top 2 in the earth 2018-03-26

    International superstar Jay Chou has made his debut on the world's top 2 world tour concert in Hong Kong. 

    At the concert, the stage scenery created by the high-end LED screen from Showho Technology is marvellous and futuristic, Video is of the imagination and reality, which bring an unprecedented audio-visual feast to the audience.

  • It’s a wonderful night ! We are here --3.15 party , Transparent screen from Showho is waiting to see you at 8PM of CCTV-1 . 2018-03-16

    3·15 party is a large public benefit party which is jointly hosted and broadcast live on the evening of March 15 by the government department of China central television (CCTV).


    3·15 party is to safeguard consumer rights and interests, standardize market economy order, perfect the law and regulation. 3.15 Party is committed to promote the construction of the rule of law, the value pursuit of human rights in accordance with the law and advocated in the sun under the rule of law, maintaining the order of market economy.


    Such a solemn party, It’s an honor to announce that Shenzhen Showho technology, is Spokesperson of stage art design for 3.15 party. 380sq.m transparent led screen is made by ShowHo to match the stage’s perfectly design need


    3.15 Party Why choose transparent screen as stage background?

    Because it have an implied meaning that market is transparent, competition is transparent and the law is transparent. it implicitly opened a new era! It awakened our new attitude to the stage! Just like that 3.15 party want to awake consumer’s rights consciousness. 


    3.15 Party Why choose Showho Products ?

    Transparent screen is a innovative product. SHowho is a leading company who research GOB technology and use into transparent screen for protecting leds from damage. It’s quality’s guarantee.

    Showho ‘s new generation patent technology with Special surface treatment protect LEDs and reduce LED death rate, compared with the traditional LED screen, our technology has a revolutionary breakthrough and more obvious advantages:


    1.    Real wide viewing angle (≥160 ° 180° )

    2.    higher protection standard:

    ·         Waterproof :IP65/IP65 (indoor & outdoor )

    ·         Moisture-proof

    ·         Anti-static

    ·         Anti-Knock

    ·         Anti-dust 

    1.    Low maintenance rate .

    2.    less moire effect

    3.    Higher contrast rate .

  • Showholed join hands with RGBLINK to create visual feast and 3-in-1 multi-functional professional rental screen for you to applause 2018-03-01

    After ISE exhibition in Europe, Showholed continues to set off at ISLE exhibition,Guangzhou and Showholed will build a visual feast with RGBLINK, and the 3-in-1 multi-functional professional Rental Display will be published firstly in China!

    At this time, Showholed will launch three series of products, including MACROSS 3-in-1 series, EXQUIS transparent screen series and FOCUS high resolution series.

    M series features at:

    1.The world's first Indoor and Outdoor floor 3-in-1 multi-functional Rental Display with its most efficient and versatile function

    2. Lower the probability of being bumped to dead lamp, high protection level of anti-oxidation for surface material, extend its lifetime dramatically, meet the demand of higher cost performance for leasing customer.

    3. Equipped with intelligent caliberation, the cabinet can be exchanged randomly with plug and play.

    4. Wireless series breaks the feeling of trouble assembly, but unrefined structure. It creates more creative visual enjoyment.

    E series features at:

    Outdoor full color Display, high transparency, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-collision, lightweight design, easy maintenance.

    F series features at:

    16:9 point by point revivification, front maintenance wall mounted installation completely, high surface technology treatment, low brightness and high grey level, high refresh rate, dual power and dual signal backup, wireless connection.

    Welcome to the exhibition and the details of the exhibition as below:

    Booth No. : C10 booth (RGBLINK), No. 9.2 hall

    Venue: Mar. 3 – Mar. 6, 2018.

    Location: International exhibition center of Canton fair, Guangzhou
  • Showholed at ISE 2018 in Netherlands is crowned with a complete success. 2018-03-01

    ISE the Integrated audio-visual Systems Europe exhibition was successfully held in RAI exhibition center in Amsterdam.ISE exhibition is the largest number of visitors of professional audio-visual exhibition, as well as the most successful audio-visual exhibition in Europe,joined together by the Association for International exchange of information industry InfoComm International, and The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.

    It represents the highest authority of audio-visual technology in the commercial field, and is also the most influential industry organization in the industry.The exhibition is the high end of the show, combined an entertainment technology, display and screen, with digital bulletin system, multi-touch screen and other fields of international new technology and the trend.

    As the first exhibition in 2018, Showholed launched its first product war and achieved great success.By virtue of our innovative products and new technology, we have gained wide attention from industry insiders and buyers.Showholed has promoted two series of products,namely MACROSS and EXQUIS.

    The 3-in-1 feature of the MACROSS series could be capable of changing the screen in one second,thus, is deeply loved by the customers, and has received many favorable comments.Customers even buy show samples directly afer the meeting!

    The EXQUIS series, its  high transparency, as well as the display effect has shined the eyes all around.

    Throughout this exhibition, We learn that the hot product we see from Showholed gives out its own unique light.In the next exhibition,Showhuled will continue to launch more high-quality innovative products, let the light continues to spread. 

    We are looking forward to your arrival!