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  • Professional company + perfect product, SHOWHO fox will appear in InfoComm USA 2018-04-23

    On June 2018 6-8, the annual global exhibition of American InfoComm will be opened in Las Vegas.

    Professional companies + perfect products,SHOWHO fox technology will bring a variety of innovative use of national patent GST-SMD new packaging technology products exhibition.

    Protection grade IP65, not afraid of water! Don't be afraid of bumping! Undead light! Easy maintenance!
    Everything from the customer needs, go straight to the theme!

    We warmly welcome all new and old customers to visit the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center (N2422).

  • 2018 Chinese volleyball Super League all star game, cool show SHOWHO transparent display 2018-04-16

    On 13-14 April, the 2018 China Volleyball Super League All-Star game was held in Shenzhen.

    The showho transparent screen in the gymnasium is excellent.

    The concept of "situational Volleyball" is presented by means of high technology.

    It brings different experience to live and TV audiences.

  • SHOWHO GST-SMD LED display in Prolight+Sound, is full of praise! 2018-04-16

    Instruction of GST-SMD

    GST-SMD is used to solve the problem of easy LED falling off and dead LED,
    It adopts patent surface treatment technology, namely, discard plastic mask and select the new R&D glue materials with waterproof, dampproof, anti-static, good heat dispersion, to pack the LED lamp and PCB, soldering pad of LED leg and internal LED chip completely by means of special potting of LED lamp surface, thus construct a vacuum protection of PCB and LED package like shield. 

    Difference of GST-SMD
    Physical properties: anti-collision and crush resistance, no damage and falling of the lamp bead due to the collision, dustproof and easy to clean!
    Chemical properties: anti-oxidation, anti-static, waterproof, moisture-proof, heat dissipation , undead LED
    Optical properties: large viewing angle, no picture diviation within vertical 180 ° and horizontal 180 °, good consistency.

  • The thirty-first "a kind of award for excellent Chinese TV programs", show fox transparent screen aesthetic. 2018-04-04

    This is a perfect combination of entertainment and technology festival, star studded, brilliant! 

    The performance of SHOWHO transparent screen on the stage is outstanding. It provides a beautiful, super shocking visual display for the whole party, and detonating the enthusiasm of the audience.