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Headline of company profile introduction

was established in 2015, the operating center locate in Nanshan Dist, Shenzhen city , production line locate in the historical and cultural city of Huizhou. Showho focused on the field of LED display R & D, design, production, sales and services, is committed to providing customers with one-stop diversified solutions, value the long-term development of the brand, and aim to build the industry's high-end brand, we believe someday showho will become a beacon in led display market.

With its mission of "presenting the beauty of stage art", Showho Technology strives to realize its core value "innovation lead technology, creative ideas turn to real value and creative thoughts turn to masterpieces", now Showho is working on the way to be one of the world's top-tier enterprises and becoming a Global influence well-known visual platform solutions provider.

Factory introduction
Headline of factory introduction

Shenzhen Showho Technology Co.,Ltd., a professional LED display service provider, design and manufacture rental LED display and dance floor LED display. Each of them meeting the demands of different markets and usage situations, the same as that they have outdoor and indoor used for events show. We always do our best to satisfy all our customer’s requests. We welcome to be challenged with all kinds of event show and any possibility to cooperate with our clients and help to improve their business.


Shenzhen Showho Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2015, factory’s manufacturing facilities are located at Huizhou with approximately 5000sqm dedicated to manufacturing operations. Showho believes in vertical integration to ensure quality and timely delivery.


Showho is a purely manufacturer of LED display. It’s a company that focuses itself on developing and supplying high-quality products to its distributor and partners from all over the world.


Showho owns RoHS approved equipments and powerful anti-static system, which are managed by a highly professional production team. And which can support our monthly production capability of up to 5000sqm.


Here at Showho, we always focus on the improvement and innovation of our full color LED display quality. Our R&D staff occupies 14% of all the employees. With such a strong trading sales service team, we are very confident that we can provide our clients with innovative and satisfying products. We have been continuously developing various new products to meet the market demands and we reached great performance in regards of our wireless series products. Our products not only match the client’s event show application needs.


Showho LED display screen using a new generation of self-developed surface treatment technology, compared with the traditional module with a mask, our product has a revolutionary breakthrough and more obvious advantages:

1. A larger viewing angle (≥160°)

2. High degree of protection, waterproof (IP65), moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-bump

3. Reduce the chance of LED lamp repair

4. The maximum effectiveness of reducing moire

5. The color contrast is higher

6. A strong added value, can be directly used to dancing floor screen


Showho Strengths
Multiple LED display technologies
Proven, integrated control systems
Highly reliable LED display product lines
Continuing investment in research and product development
Design assistance and dedicated project management
State of the art manufacturing facilities
Installation supervision
Complete customer support services
Sufficient experience of installed systems
Unmatched technical expertise